Pre-Trial Detention FacilityWe, as corrections professionals, have the opportunity and the responsibility to make a positive difference in the lives of those individuals confined in our facilities. The difference that we make not only impacts the individual but our Jacksonville community as a whole. Returning from incarceration to the community a productive, law-abiding citizen decreases victimization and reduces the potential for future criminality, thus reducing recidivism. By continuing to implement correctional practices which contribute to the effectiveness of our criminal justice system our future includes:

  • increasing recognition of our role within the criminal justice community and the general public;
  • continuing to provide, through treatment and educational programs for those incarcerated within our facilities, the skills and abilities to become productive citizens in our community;
  • providing the opportunity for management and line staff to work together on problem resolution and establishing joint ownership of the results; and
  • increasing the consistency of the operations of all three of our correctional facilities.

Our team of over 650 dedicated corrections professionals and civilian personnel continue to be responsive to the community, restorative in character and responsible to our commitments. From judicial, classification and program services at the Jails Division to the operation of the agricultural and community based programs within the Prisons Division, the members of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, Department of Corrections, go forward in the quest to become the nationally recognized correctional leader.

Mission Statement:
The mission of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Jails Division is to serve our community by providing safe, secure, and humane detention of individuals in our custody, in a cost effective manner, while preparing them for successful reintegration into the community through inmate services such as life skills and treatment programs.

Vision Statement:
We envision a unified work force of dedicated Corrections professionals grounded in service, integrity, and pride who prevent crime and protect our community by safely and professionally detaining those persons entrusted to our care and custody. While protecting the public and improving the quality of life, we will strive to provide professional, caring and compassionate services to those in our custody and prepare them for successful reintegration into our community.

Values Statement:
We will strive to be professional, compassionate and courteous to all persons we come in contact with. We understand that our profession is one of service and we will be responsive to the changing needs of our community.

We will be responsible for our conduct, both professionally and personally. We will be diligent, honest, fair and show strength of character. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of ethical conduct and strive to be role models for all.

With confidence and pride in ourselves, we are committed to equally protect the rights of all persons. We recognize the trust placed in us by the public and we readily accept that responsibility. We are devoted to providing quality service and will strive to remain effective, efficient and responsive to the changes needs of our community.

We commit ourselves to protecting our community by providing secure housing of persons placed under the supervision of our department. We will accomplish this through constant vigilance and compliance with the applicable American Correctional Association, Florida Corrections Accreditation Commission, and Florida Model Jail Standards, as well as the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office policies and procedures.

John E. Goode Pre-Trial Detention Facility Contact Information

The facility is located in downtown Jacksonville directly behind the Police Memorial Building at:

500 East Adams St.

Jacksonville, FL 32202

This facility houses pre-trial, federal, juvenile, state sentenced and county sentenced inmates.


Inmate's Name and Jail Number

500 East Adams Street

Jacksonville, FL 32202


Inmate Information - (904) 630-5759
Chaplain - (904) 630-5736

Clinic/Medical - (904) 630-6200

Mail - (904) 630-5835

Property - (904) 630-5718

Watch Lieutenant - (904) 630-5760