Pretrial Services Program (PSP) staff assigned to the courts compile criminal history records of arrestees appearing before judges at First Appearance hearings; conduct interviews and investigations of arrestees to aid in the determination of release conditions; determine eligibility for release into the PSP; and provide support to judges presiding over First Appearance hearings.

Pretrial Services supervision staff provides varying levels of supervision to defendants released by judges into the PSP. Levels of supervision range from frequent telephonic contact with defendants to in office visits, which may include random drug testing. Pretrial Services staff monitor compliance with release conditions established by the Court and ensures the appearance of program participants at required court proceedings.

The Pretrial Services Unit (PSU) supervises hundreds  of low risk pretrial defendants every year, avoiding the use of tax payer dollars to cover the cost of housing these individuals within our facilities.  While under the supervision of the PSU, the defendants are able to continue employment, school and other productive activities that would not be possible if incarcerated.

For more information please contact the Pretrial Services Unit located at:
1024 Superior Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32254
Phone (904) 301-2436
Fax (904) 301-2438
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