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Community Focused! James I. Montgomery Correctional Center
The James I. Montgomery Correctional Center (MCC) is committed to the utilization of its physical and prisoner resources to advance the general good of the citizenry of Jacksonville/Duval County by providing carefully selected work projects and programs throughout our community.

The MCC is charged with the co-equal responsibilities of public safety and public service. Its public safety role is to provide care, custody, control and supervision of county sentenced prisoners. Utilizing county sentenced prisoner labor for carefully selected community work projects fulfills our public service function.

Vision Statement
MCC remains committed to the core concept of our management approach, our vision statement: 'The Department of Corrections will strive to be the premier corrections agency within the United States. In pursuit of this vision, we will be: responsive to the Community, Restorative in Character, and Responsible in our Commitments.'

MCC continues to operate under a distinctive, forward thinking business model that incorporates all of our management and leadership intentions. The center operates daily under the purview of nine initiatives in our continuing effort to function in a constitutionally sound manner.

The first is to improve our organizational climate by instituting an on-going evaluation of our staff through carefully designed surveys. We have also included surveys of prisoners on their perception of quality of confinement issues, and surveys of citizens and their satisfaction concerns with our level of public service. These surveys assist management in the formulation of policy and procedure and keep us in touch with the realities of operating a state-of-the-art Corrections operation.

The second is to increase our staff's level of competency by upgrading our training hours and efforts. As we grow as an organization, professional advances are integrated into our business on intellectual and technical fronts, especially in relation to computer-based training.

The third is to provide a safer working environment for our Corrections staff by reducing on-the-job injuries and response-to-resistance incidents. Managers throughout the Department scrutinize reports of injuries and response to resistance reports in an effort to better understand cause and effect relationships so that improvements can be achieved that will lower the incidence of such harmful experiences.

The fourth is to efficiently manage existing in-facility programs for sentenced inmates in an attempt to reduce their rate of recidivism. We are addressing this area on fundamental levels with programs such as Adult Basic Education (ABE), General Educational Development (GED) mental health counseling, and work skills training. All in-house programs have committed to preparing the inmate for eventual release into our Jacksonville community. Many of the programs are conducted at the MCC in association with Florida Community College at Jacksonville (FCCJ). These programs are designed to assist inmates in preparing to function in everyday society.

The fifth is to increase the public's awareness of our commitment to provide public service and public safety in an efficient and cost-effective manner. MCC continues to make significant strides toward exposing the Jacksonville community to the fundamentals of our neighborhood-based programs. We continue to showcase several programs on our 'Community Focused' inmate work projects with various public and media organizations.

The sixth is to strive for operational excellence through professionalism. MCC continues to be instrumental in maintaining our accreditation with both the State of Florida's and the American Correctional Association's accreditation program, and we also operate in full compliance with the Florida Sheriff's Association's Florida Jail Model Standards.

The seventh is to demonstrate our community focus and commitment by utilizing to the best of our abilities the inmate labor workforce entrusted to our custody. The MCC sends over two hundred classified sentenced inmates into the Jacksonville community on a daily basis. Work product includes the cleaning of ditches, fields, vacant city lots, and performing landscaping at police substations and county schools, performing maintenance work on various City and Office of the Sheriff buildings, and providing manual labor for other not-for-profit projects. The estimated value of the labor performed for the Jacksonville taxpayer is in the millions of dollars annually.

The eighth is to provide a safe environment for the prisoners under our purview through our efforts to determine, understand, and manipulate cause and effect. The MCC has increased its focus through its staff resources on identifying and appropriately disciplining and/or prosecuting all acts of inmate-on-inmate violence. This policy is premised on our unilateral responsibility to establish a controlled and safe environment for staff and prisoners. It is hoped that our efforts to understand prisoner-to-prisoner batteries and our prosecution efforts will combine to see a significant improvement. Implementing immediate disciplinary confinement after due process has greatly reduced rule violations in the prison population.

The ninth is to professionally manage the inmates' medical care. The Department of Corrections, Division of Health Services is responsible for delivery of medical, psychiatric and dental services to the inmates at the center. Nursing coverage is available on-site 24 hours a day, seven days per week. A certified Nurse Practitioner is available on site twice a week, and a physician is always available by phone. Division of Health Services continues to maintain accreditation by the National Commission of Correctional Health Care.

Our commitment to our community and to its welfare has and will continue to be accomplished by the professional and competent people that are MCC.

Montgomery Correctional Center Contact Information

MCC is located on the north side of Jacksonville at:
4727 Lannie Road, Jacksonville, Florida 32218

This facility houses county sentenced and some unsentenced male and female inmates.

Inmate's Name and Jail Number
4727 Lannie Road
Jacksonville, FL 32218


Information - (904) 766-5076
Chaplain - (904) 630-5736
Clinic/Medical - (904) 766-5083
Watch Commander - (904) 766-5048

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