Community Transition Center (CTC)

The Community Transition Center (CTC) is a 300-bed facility located at 451 Catherine Street in downtown Jacksonville.  It is one of three facilities belonging to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, Department of Corrections.  Known as the “Programs Facility,” the primary focus of staff at CTC is to assist inmates in helping themselves to become more productive members of society upon their return to the community. Numerous CTC programs and classes teach the inmates to have a sense of responsibility and empowerment. These programs address an abundance of issues and topics. The CTC team is proud to be a positive force in our community and we see an even brighter future ahead. 

Matrix House

Our Matrix House Substance Abuse Treatment program is the cornerstone of our facility. River Region Human Services is contracted to run the Matrix House, which consists of a 120-day in-house treatment program, followed by a one year After Care program.  Many inmates have successfully completed this program, allowing them to once again be contributing and productive members of their family and our community.  

CTC Class Offerings

CTC provides our inmate population with parenting, financial education, yoga, self-esteem, Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous and General Education classes, to name a few. Additionally, CTC maintains the Job Readiness and Work Furlough Programs to assist inmates in learning how to interview for and obtain jobs.  

Home Detention and Work Furlough

CTC uses a GPS ankle monitoring system to track inmates in the Home Detention and Work Furlough Programs.  In the Home Detention program, the inmate’s residence becomes their place of confinement.  Participating inmates may go to work and attend medical appointments, but otherwise remain at their residence.  Inmates in the Work Furlough program are authorized to leave the facility to go to their place of employment, but are required to return to CTC each day. In both programs, the participating inmates are required to pay a daily fee to offset their supervision and incarceration costs.

Inmate Work Program

CTC provides hundreds of hours of inmate labor to the City of Jacksonville by utilizing county sentenced inmate work crews assigned to work throughout the facility and other city departments. These inmate workers save the taxpayers of Jacksonville more than $1,000,000 per year.  


Community Transition Center Contact Information

This facility is located in downtown Jacksonville at: 451 Catherine St., Jacksonville, FL 32202



Inmate's Name and Jail Number

451 Catherine St.

Jacksonville, FL 32202


  • Information 7 a.m. – 10:45 p.m. - (904) 630-2856
  • Between 10:45 p.m. – 7 a.m. - (904) 630-2860
  • Clinic/Medical - (904) 630-2844
  • Watch Lieutenant - (904) 630-2808

Additional Information:

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