James I. Montgomery Correctional Center

The James I. Montgomery Correctional Center (MCC) is located on the north side of Jacksonville at 4727 Lannie Road, Jacksonville, Florida 32218.  MCC consists of three compounds: the North Unit designed to function as a sentenced male facility with a capacity of 440; the South Unit as a female facility designed to house 160 sentenced and unsentenced prisoners; and an annex that can house an additional 48 male prisoners.

MCC is charged with equivalent responsibilities of public safety and public service.  Our primary public safety role is to provide care, custody and control of county sentenced inmates.  MCC is committed to the utilization of its physical and prisoner resources to advance the general good of the citizenry of Jacksonville/Duval County by providing carefully selected inmate work projects and programs throughout our community. It is estimated that the utilization of inmate labor from MCC saves the taxpayers of our city millions of dollars every year.

MCC remains committed to the core concept of our management approach, our vision statement: “The Department of Corrections will strive to be the premier corrections agency within the United States.” In pursuit of this vision, we will be: “Responsive to the Community, Restorative in Character, and Responsible in our Commitments.” Our commitment to our community and to its welfare has and will continue to be accomplished by the professional and competent staff assigned to MCC.

Montgomery Correctional Center Contact Information


Inmate's Name and Jail Number
4727 Lannie Road
Jacksonville, FL 32218


  • Information - (904) 766-5076
  • Chaplain - (904) 630-5736
  • Clinic/Medical - (904) 766-5083
  • Watch Commander - (904) 766-5048

Additional Information:

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