The MCC Services Unit core duties are to support the facility operations through food service, sanitation, maintenance, and procurement activities.  We are strongly focused on improving and increasing inmate vocational training opportunities at MCC.  

Metal Shop

MCC Metal ShopThe Metal Shop continues to be an invaluable resource to not only the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, but the entire City of Jacksonville.  In 2015, MCC completed more than 130 metal fabrication projects for the DOC, JSO SWAT, JSO K-9, JSO Gun Range, PAL, VA Cemetery, Emergency Preparedness Unit, Police Academy, JSO Honor Guard, JTA, Public Buildings, and the IM Sulzbacher Center.  

 A New Leash on Life

A New Leash on Life
MCC’s canine training program, “A New Leash on Life” partners with Pit Sisters. Carson Tinker of the Jacksonville Jaguars and The Carson Tinker Foundation have also taken part in our program to bring awareness to our cause. Our program goal is to re-socialize homeless dogs by teaching them basic obedience skills utilizing inmate trainers. This program has proven to reduce euthanasia rates among Jacksonville's homeless pet population. The program also provides the inmates with job and life skills such as teamwork, responsibility, patience and problem solving.  

As of December 2016, 70 dogs have completed the program.

Prison Industries

MCC Alterations Shop
The MCC Prisons Industries Unit launched the JSO Alterations Shop in 2014.  The Alterations Shop completes approximately 10,000 items of uniform clothing annually.  This prison industry will save the JSO over $32,000 a year in alterations expenses. An additional 2,000 man-hours are estimated to be saved by eliminating each officer from handling their own alterations delivery and pick-up at alternate sites. The alterations shop is now expanding into embroidery,  to make an even larger impact on reducing our expenses related to uniforms. 

MCC Prison Industries

A Primary mission of the MCC Alterations Shop is to provide job skills and a path to employment for the women incarcerated at MCC.  We are very fortunate have partnered with Rethreaded to add additional services for the women participating in our shop.  Rethreaded’s mission is to provide employment opportunities and social services to those involved in the sex trade in Jacksonville. We look forward to expanding this partnership to assist the women at MCC during their transition back into our community. 


MCC In2Work Culinary Vocational Program
The MCC Services Unit partnered with Aramark Food Service to launch the IN2WORK culinary vocational program.  Inmates enrolled in this 12 week program are instructed by Aramark food service professionals.  The course covers the use of basic kitchen equipment, retail and safe food handling practices.  The program concludes with the inmates preparing for and taking the ServSafe certification exam which is required to work in the food industry.  The IN2WORK program will assist the participants with finding employment in the robust food service industry in Florida which makes up over 12% of available employment opportunities. 

Facility Maintenance

MCC Facility Maintenance
The MCC Maintenance staff which includes a facility manager, plumber, electrician and an HVAC technician, work with inmates to maintain our facility while providing valuable vocational training. 


Small Engine Repair

MCC Small Engine Repair
The MCC small engine shop also maintains all of our grounds maintenance equipment.  Inmates learn how to repair small engines on weed eaters, edgers, chainsaws, lawn mowers, blowers and other equipment which we use to maintain our facility grounds and projects throughout the city. 


Laundry, Sanitation and Kitchen Crews

MCC Laundry, Sanitation and Kitchen Crews
MCC utilizes inmate labor to reduce the cost to taxpayers to operate our facility.  Inmate crews launder approximately 47,000 lbs. of clothing and linen a month utilizing our commercial laundry equipment. Inmate sanitation crews ensure the facility remains clean by mopping floors, cleaning showers and performing other sanitation tasks.  Additionally, inmates work in our kitchen washing dishes, moving supplies and maintain the cleanliness of this area.