JSO Dive Team

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Dive Team is available to all members of the Sheriff's Office, as well as outside agencies, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for underwater search, rescue, and recovery operations. The Dive Team will also assist other state and federal law enforcement agencies upon request.

The Dive Team is a specialized unit that is part of the Division of Homeland Security, with qualified police divers. The unit is managed by one lieutenant, who is the commander, two sergeants, and fifteen officers all of whom are assigned to other police units, and also operate in a rapid response mode on the Dive Team. Two members of the team are Certified Instructors, both of whom hold the rating of Master Scuba Diver Trainer.

Each member of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Dive Team now possesses, at a minimum, the certification of Dive Master, Advanced/Rescue Diver, with specialty certifications in Cavern Diving and Nitrox (Enriched Air). Additionally, the Dive Team continues to train with members of the Bomb Squad in underwater search and recovery techniques of improvised explosive devices as well as hazardous materials.