The Homeland Security Unit serves as a coordination, communication, preparedness and implementation point for domestic and/or foreign security issues. The Unit acts as an information and intelligence conduit to other state and local organizations. The Homeland Security Unit is involved in the committees tasked with the responsibility for planning and equipping of specialized units such as the Bomb Squad, SWAT Team, Crime Scene Unit, Perimeter Teams, and all first responders.

The Homeland Security Unit conducts vulnerability assessments on all designated critical infrastructure and key resources in the Consolidated City of Jacksonville and Duval County, and coordinates efforts with other local, state and federal law enforcement and public safety agencies.


  • Enhance coordination, efficiency of operations, and deployment of assets
  • Strengthen intelligence functions and information sharing
  • Reduce civilian and property vulnerability / risk to a terrorist attack
  • Integrate and synchronize planning, prevention, and protection activities across and between partners and stakeholders to eliminate redundant efforts, address gaps and optimize investments
  • Heighten civilian awareness to terrorist threats and/or man-made disasters
  • Establish and implement a unified, capabilities-based strategy to enable effective response to and recovery from potential and actual terror attacks and/or man made disasters
  • Effectively incorporate threat information into risk analysis and capabilities-based strategies

Mission Statement
To strengthen the Sheriff's Office and the City of Jacksonville's capabilities to prevent, protect against, respond to and recover from terrorist attacks and/or man-made disasters through a continuum of risk and planning management.

How Should Florida Prepare for Terrorism? (brochure provided by the Florida Initiative Against Homeland Terrorism)

Click here for information about the Homeland Security Presidential Directives

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