The Narcotics Unit's mission:To detect and eradicate all illegal drug activity along with moral crimes which occur within our city.

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The Narcotics Unit is comprised of four components that work in unison to combat the flow of narcotics in the Jacksonville area and beyond.

Four Tactical Narcotics Squads focus on removing drug dealers and buyers from the city streets. The sergeants and detectives assigned to these squads investigate citizen complaints and tips that lead to the average street level drug dealers.

These four squads investigations include:

  • Undercover buys;
  • Search warrants;
  • Investigative contacts;
  • Interdictions;
  • and Reverse sale operations

The Mid Level Narcotics Squad is responsible for targeting mid-level dealers or organizations that require investigations that are too involved for Tactical Squads and not expected to be lengthy enough for other units.

They also work closely with the Aggravated Battery Unit due to the fact that a large number of narcotic suspects are also involved in violent criminal activities.

The Major Case Narcotics Squad is responsible for narcotics investigations that are expected to be lengthy in nature or reach into the upper levels of an illegal drug organization. Detectives identify, investigate and dismantle these drug trafficking organizations.

The North Florida High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) is a federally-funded partnership that provides resources to designated agencies to help eliminate or reduce drug trafficking and its harmful consequences. NFHIDTA accomplishes this objective by facilitating information sharing, initiative implementation, and cooperation between local, state and federal agencies.

There are two Clandestine Lab Enforcement Teams that are made up of Narcotics/Vice detectives and respond to callouts of suspected meth labs.

Currently, the Currency/Narcotics Transportation Interdiction Squad, Violent Crimes Narcotic Task Force and the Prescription Designer Drug Squad are assigned to the NFHIDTA program and participate in regularly scheduled multi-agency initiatives.

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CRAK Hotline
(904) 630-CRAK (2725)