The Burglary Unit investigates business and residential burglaries, as well as grand theft cases involving a significant loss. The unit is staffed with six teams, each comprised of four to six detectives based on the size of the geographical zone and the number of incidents occurring in that area. Assigning cases based on geographical locations enables detectives to identify crime patterns. It also creates a closer relationship between citizens, detectives, and the uniformed patrol officers who work those areas. 

There were 6,531 reported burglaries in 2015, which is a 10.6% decrease from 2014.  The Burglary Unit’s 2015 clearance rate was 14.2 % compared to the 2014 national average of 9.2 %. (Information from pages 37-38 of the 2015 Investigations and Homeland Security Departmental Report.*)

In 2011, the S.C.R.A.P. (Secondhand dealer, Crushers, Recyclers and Pawnshop) task force was created within the Burglary Unit to combat the rising crime trend in scrap metal thefts and burglaries. These detectives conduct covert investigations, assist officers with their cases and ensure local metal recycler businesses are conducting business in compliance with the law.

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