Being a victim of any crime can give you a feeling of helplessness, but remember you can help police solve the burglary and possibly recover your property. 

When a burglary happens to you:

  • Contact the police as soon as you become aware of the burglary.
  • Wait outside or at a neighbor's home for police to arrive.
  • Avoid touching anything.
  • Give the officer who responds an accurate list of what items were stolen or damaged, including serial numbers and identifying marks of the items.
  • Think of possible suspects such as recent workers in your home, visitors, disgruntled friends, or someone you suspect in the neighborhood and tell the officer why you suspect them. 

When calling the Sheriff's Office about your case be prepared to refer to the case number and call the assigned officer/detective with any additional information that you may have received.

For More Information Contact Us:

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office - Burglary Unit
Police Memorial Building
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