The Crime Scene Unit is staffed with sworn investigators who have worked as patrol officers for a minimum of three years before coming to the Crime Scene Unit. The investigators are highly trained in crime scene investigations.  Crime Scene Unit

In addition to the basic crime scene investigations, investigators must complete an extensive field training program and maintain current knowledge of processing techniques through continuing education in advanced schools and workshops. The most experienced and trained investigators are designated as Major Case Evidence Investigators.  

Members of the unit respond to a wide variety of incidents, from burglaries to homicides. The Crime Scene Investigator must evaluate the minute details of a crime scene and determine what types of processing are appropriate. Processing a scene can include the use of digital photography, the recovery of latent fingerprints, the collection of DNA or serological evidence, and the collection of foot, tool, or tire impressions. The equipment used is the most modern available and includes Trajectory Lasers, Alternate Light Source, Electrostatic Dust Print Lift Kit, and the Forensic Laser Mapping System. 

The Crime Scene Unit is dedicated to providing the most thorough and expert crime scene processing available. 

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Crime Scene Unit
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