image of c.d.Vendors sell pirated and counterfeit music and movies at flea markets, record shops, barber shops, check cashing businesses, and many other locations throughout Jacksonville. Many people view this as a victimless crime, but the music industry alone lost over $300,000,000.00 last year. Florida State Statute 540.011 addresses the illegal sale and manufacture of these products.

How to tell if these products are counterfeit:

- They are sold in non-traditional settings (flea markets, check cashing businesses, etc).
- The price is often well below retail value ($5.00 - 10.00).
- The printing on the insert tends to be blurry, poor, or faded.
- They are often recorded on CDRs, which have a green or blue tint on the underside.
- The shrink-wrap is not factory-grade quality.
- The insert cards are not properly trimmed, are printed on thin, low quality paper, or one-sided.
- The true name and address of the manufacturer (record/movie label) is omitted, incorrect, or fictitious.
- There are often misspelled words on the inserts.
- There is no bar code on the packaging.

Where to get more information on the problem:

The Recording Industry Association of America
The Motion Picture Association of America

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