The Cold Case Team is comprised of a homicide sergeant and four senior homicide detectives. The team is responsible for the investigation of all unsolved homicides, provided the original detective (or reassigned detective) is no longer in the Homicide Unit and there is no other active ongoing investigation into the case. Cases are assessed for additional investigation based upon the following: 


Cold Case Solvability Protocol

Statutory Issues: Does a statute of limitation prevent prosecution?

Evidentiary Priorities: Does new technology exist and is there evidence to process with the new technology?

Confessions: Has someone credible confessed to the murder?

Witness Information: Has a reliable, competent witness come forward?

Inmate Information: Is the information from an inmate? Is it reliable and what's the inmate's motive for coming forward?


While the Cold Case Team will respond to all requests for a case review, these guidelines are utilized to justify reopening an unsolved murder investigation. Where none of these factors exist, a case review will be initiated only to assess for solvability factors.

The Cold Case Team also investigates Officer Involved Use of Force Incidents. This investigation specifically involves incidents resulting in the death or serious injury of a Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office employee, or to another by a Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office employee, involving the use of force while acting in the line of duty. Line of duty Police shootings involving misses (no one was injured) will also be included in this protocol.   The Cold Case Team investigated 7 officer involved shootings during the year 2011.  

For additional information about the Cold Case Team, contact us:

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