The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Cold Case Team is part of the agency's Homicide Unit. They are responsible for investigating all unresolved homicides, when warranted and provided there are no other active or ongoing investigations in to the case. 

The working definition of a “cold case” is a case where all leads have been exhausted, yet due to the passing of time an additional case review might yield new results. The agency receives and reviews ALL information about these unsolved cases, and all information is assessed by the supervisor. An Assistant State Attorney is also assigned to work with JSO’s Cold Case Team. The team meets with the attorney at least once a month, during a regularly scheduled meeting. Any additional information received is discussed, and case statuses are updated.


1.    REVIEW the case completely to determine if a solvability factor exists. 
2.    Full team review (evidence review and process, interviews, background information, etc.)
3.    Full tactical investigation (proactive approach utilizing all resources and manpower until the suspect is in custody). One case at a time!
4.    Prosecution (handle all prosecution issues and follow-up).  A successful case is prosecution, not just an arrest.  
Case Assignments Follow The Cold Case Solvability Protocol*:

1. Statutory and Constitutional Issues:  Can the case be reinvestigated due to statutory limitations or constitutional issues?

2. Evidentiary Priorities: Is there physical evidence available to be processed with new technology,  new evidence, or unprocessed evidence?  

3. Confessions:  
  • Has a known or unknown suspect confessed?  
  • Is the confession made to a cooperative witness and is it first hand?
4. Witnesses:  Are there known or unknown witnesses that have come forward or willing to cooperate in the investigation?

5. Hearsay:  
  • Is the information admissible?  
  • Who is the information coming from and is that person willing to cooperate?
6. Inmate Information:  
  • Is the information coming from an inmate under sentence or awaiting trial?  
  • What are the circumstances, leniency, monetary, etc.?  
  • Is the State Attorney willing to cooperate with inmate leniency?
7. General Information:  Is the information anonymous, from an uncooperative source, or a general family request?  Although this type of information would not justify a full case assignment, a general review may be initiated by the Cold Case Team.  This review would be accompanied by a follow-up call and explanation if no solvability factors exist.  Most information falls into this category and should be handled on a case by case basis

* While the Cold Case Team will respond to any requests for a case review, these guidelines are utilized to justify reopening an unsolved homicide. Where none of these factors exist, a case review will be initiated to assess for solvability factors only.

Due to their expertise in death investigations, the Cold Case detectives are also the primary investigative team for any in-custody death or an officer involved shooting that results in death. For more information please visit JSO's Open Data & Transparency page.

For additional information about the Cold Case Team, contact us:
Jacksonville Sheriff's Office - Cold Case Team
(904) 630-1157