The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Polygraph Unit is staffed by two polygraphists who administer polygraph examinations to suspects, victims, and witnesses involved in criminal investigations. In addition, polygraph examinations are part of the pre-employment background investigation process for police, corrections, bailiffs, JSO civilian employees and firefighters. The inclusion of polygraph examinations in the background process has proven to be a useful investigative tool. The JSO Polygraph Unit does not conduct private polygraph tests for the general public (personal issue cases such as untruthful family members, cheating spouses, etc.).


graph picturing a heartbeatPolygraph examinations are administered to verify the truthfulness of information and to determine the level of participation in or knowledge of a crime. The examination is administered utilizing a computerized polygraph instrument to record physiological data from three systems of the human body. A typical examination will include a pre-test interview, a chart collection phase, a data analysis phase, and a post-test interview. The information is analyzed using a computerized scoring system that contains a mathematical algorithm developed by Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory and numerical scoring recognized by polygraph experts.

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