The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office (JSO) provides a Victim Services Coordinator with a mission to provide quality, professional, and caring assistance to all crime victims, witnesses, survivors, and their significant others.

The goal of the JSO is to identify and meet the needs of victims by:
  • Reviewing programs and resources available in the community to assure availability of services;
  • Disseminating pertinent information to JSO employees to keep them knowledgeable in assisting victims;
  • Training all employees regarding programs so proper referrals can be made;
  • Ensuring that all JSO employees are trained in victim/witness rights and the law enforcement role in meeting those needs;
  • Educating and volunteering through community outreach;
  • Distributing updated resource information to victims and;
  • Acting as a liaison between JSO and other service providers. 

The Victim Services Coordinator is also responsible for rendering short-term emotional and referral support to victims of crimes and assisting law enforcement officers on crime scenes with crisis intervention and counseling. 

To contact a Victim Services Coordinator (Victims Advocate) please call (904) 630-1764 or (904) 630-7879

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