Sexual Assault Prevention
Traditional rape prevention techniques are updated with information stressing forethought and planning. Myths about rape and victimization are discussed.

Robbery Prevention
This program stresses street safety and techniques for reducing victimization.

Street Sense/Common Sense
Many crimes, which occur, are crimes of opportunity. This program will give you a common sense approach to basic street sense and what to be aware of whether you are walking down a deserted street, in a parking lot at the mall or even while driving your car on the roadway.

Crime Prevention For People With Physical Disabilities
Disabled people face many physical challenges. This makes them vulnerable to would be assailants who assume the disabled are incapable of protecting themselves. This program offers insights as to what challenges they may encounter and what actions should be taken.


Auto Theft Prevention
This program provides information on the frequency of auto theft and the possibility of becoming a victim. Prevention devices and common sense practices are discussed.


Carjacking Prevention
This program presents carjacking as a crime of opportunity and offers valuable tips on what you can do to help prevent becoming a victim of a carjacking. We also provide information on what should be done if you are involved in a carjacking.


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