Cold Cases Recieve New Review, Federal Grant for DNA Testing Awarded, Your Tips On Theses Cases Needed

Approximately 10 short years ago there was a law enforcement innovation called CODIS, where evidence such as DNA/fingerprints of those convicted and sentenced for serious crimes could be stored. Now Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Evidence Technicians collect DNA materials routinely, but connecting JSO’s “collection” of DNA with any evidence from older, unsolved crimes requires time and money. Both are scarce resources.
In 2011 the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office division of Continuous Improvement, along with the Crimes Against Persons division, applied for a federal grant to offset the cost of running any DNA testing possible on these older, “cold” cases. In November 2011 JSO was awarded the grant.
The $500,000 federal grant is dedicated specifically to reviewing 300+ homicide cold cases that occurred from 1990-2001. It also pays for the DNA testing of homicide and sexual assault cases that meet the criteria and are prosecutable. It also allows JSO detectives to build a database, in anticipation of further advances in science, and the possibility that other cases may be solved as technology and testing advance.
This review will include more than 300 homicides that may have never been tested or are cases where the advances in science mean that we can do better testing today; and cases where the detectives believe that the DNA evidence studied TODAY might lead to a successful prosecution versus the older, less advanced testing that may have been done in the past. JSO’s Crime Against Persons section has also begun reviewing 195 sexual assault cases, from the same time period. More sexual assault cases may be reviewed and possibly sent for testing, as the grant time period and money allows.


Unsolved Homicides (sorted by year)

more information will be added as it becomes available

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1990 1996 (updated 10/2013)
1991 1997 (updated 10/2013)
1992 1998 (updated 10/2013)
1993 (updated 01/2014) 1999 (updated 10/2013)
1994 (updated 10/2013) 2000 (updated 10/2013)
1995 (updated 10/2013)         2001 (updated 10/2013)

If you are a family member of a victim on any of these flyers and would like to update
the image please contact JSO's Cold Case Unit at (904) 630-1157.

Anyone with any information about any of these cases is asked to contact either First Coast Crime Stoppers at 1-866-845-TIPS (reward up to $3,000 for an arrest) or the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Cold Case Unit (904) 630-1157. You can also sumbit a tip at

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