Traffic Safety and Enforcement Notices

Notice of Public Education Intiatives

Scheduled Traffic Education:
There are no scheduled events at this time.


Long Term Traffic Education:
There are no scheduled events at this time.


Notice of Traffic Safety Checkpoints:

There are no scheduled Traffic Safety Checkpoints at this time.

Background Information:
The Traffic Safety Checkpoint is organized by the Traffic Enforcement Unit in the Zone. This department, by its mission, is committed to protection and safety. This is achieved through public education and enforcement. This agency works to ensure that everyone using the highway and roadway system may do so securely, free from any harm or personal danger, and to provide a deterrent for those who violate the laws contained in the State Statutes. Reducing traffic fatalities is an important goal of this agency. The roadway is provided as a benefit to the public at large. Accordingly, this agency seeks to safeguard all drivers through the use of non-intrusive checkpoints to detect impaired drivers, equipment violations, unlicensed drivers and any other violations of the Florida State Statutes.

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