JSO Receives "Excelsior Award" for Accreditation Excellence

November 30, 2017  
Sheriff accepts plaque from CFA

JACKSONVILLE, FL (November 30, 2017) - For the second time in its 19 year history of compliance reviews, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office has been awarded the highest designation given by the Commission on Florida Accreditation (CFA) after earning a 100% “flawless” rating for compliance with the 86 applicable standards of the Association, as a result of their inspection this past August.

The JSO participates in on site accreditation reviews with multiple accrediting organizations, all preforming inspections of the agency’s personnel and its policies, procedures and practices, usually conducted in three year intervals.

Some of the CFA standards included in the Agency’s review were police academy training for best practices such as de-escalation; community outreach and relations; officers’ expertise at public education during traffic stops and other routine citizen encounters; and the effectiveness of the organizational structure.

“When I talk about my focus on operational excellence, this is why. We work to earn the approval of our customers, the citizens, every day. But it is equally important to have independent, objective assessors come into the organization and look at anything they want to and speak with any employee they want to, in an effort to identify success and improvement opportunities,” said Sheriff Mike Williams. He joined members of JSO’s Accreditation Unit in accepting the recognition at the CFA conference in Weston, FL earlier this month.

“I am beyond proud of the men and women of the JSO – all of them – who demonstrated their individual and collective commitment to excellence in service to this community.

The CFA Excelsior Award is a big deal in Florida law enforcement. I’m humbled and committed to not resting on this laurel. We will keep up (and grow) this level of operational rigor and try to achieve the same success during every independent inspection by assessors held at JSO during my tenure as Sheriff,” Williams said. “It’s a stretch goal, but I’m confident in the men and women of JSO to sustain this level of performance excellence.”