JSO Corrections Officer Honored at the Florida Missing Children's Day Ceremony

September 08, 2014  
Corrections Officer Ryan Clifton and Police Service Dog

JACKSONVILLE, FL (September 8, 2014) – On Monday, September 8, 2014 Florida Department of Law Enforcement Commissioner Gerald Bailey presented JSO Corrections Officer Ryan Clifton with the “Jimmy Ryce K-9 Trailing Team of the Year” award at the Florida Missing Children’s Day Ceremony in Tallahassee, Fla.

Corrections Officer Ryan Clifton and Police Service Dog "Bo"

Clifton among citizens and law enforcement officers were recognized at the annual event for exemplary efforts in cases involving missing children.  
Clifton and his bloodhound “Bo” were submitted for this award for their work tracking a 10 year-old special needs child who went missing from his home on Sunday, October 27, 2013.
After obtaining a scent from one of the child’s possessions the duo tracked him for approximately 85 minutes and about 1.5 miles in distance primarily on asphalt roads and concrete sidewalks in the Mandarin area of town. Ultimately, the child was reunited with his family after Police Service Dog “Bo” tracked the child up the driveway to the front door of where he was located, at the home of a friend.
This trailing team is certified by the National Police Canine Association in “Tracking – Level 1”. The criteria for this certification means the team must be able to track a trail that is older, and covers different surfaces and significant distances.
Clifton is currently one of two Corrections Officers assigned to work in JSO’s K-9 Unit. In this unit he works with two police service dogs; bloodhound “Bo”, who is used to track missing persons and violent felons and a Malinois named “Luke”, who is used to detect all forms of illegal narcotics.

Most recently Clifton received recognition from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office as the 2014 "Corrections Officer of the Year" for his work training his two service animals and the positive outcomes they have had in several cases. To read about Corrections Officer Clifton’s “Of the Year” recognition please visit http://tinyurl.com/jsoOTY14.
To learn more about this event attended by Florida’s First Lady Ann Scott please visit http://www.fdle.state.fl.us/Content/News/Missing-Children-s-Day-ceremony.aspx to read FDLE’s news release.
For more information about the Florida Missing Children’s Day Foundation please visit www.fmcdf.org.
For information on how to talk to your children about their safety please visit www.take25.org.

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