Operation "Safer Transaction"

March 20, 2015  
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JACKSONVILLE, FL (March 20, 2015) - Operation “Safer Transaction” - Don't Be A Victim - Be Safe!

Trying to sell an item on one of today’s popular on-line market places? Or maybe you have found the perfect item for your significant other on-line….. But you ask yourself……”Where do I meet the seller or the buyer to ensure my safety?”

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is giving you a place to conduct a legal exchange of your item for the payment, or vice versa.

Citizens can utilize any of the seven manned locations. All of them are open for business from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The Police Memorial Building (Forsyth Street entrance) is open all day every day.

The locations are:

  • 5258-13 Norwood Avenue, 32208
  • 9501 Arlington Expressway, 32225
  • 7100 Powers Avenue, 32217
  • 3726 Blanding Boulevard, 32210
  • 1767 Kings Road, 32209
  • 936 Dunn Avenue, 32218
  • 501 E. Bay Street, 32202 (open 24/7)

The next time you need a place to conduct that transaction, think “Safer Transaction” and meet where JSO meets.