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Welcome to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Accreditation Unit Web page. Our agency has developed this page in an effort to keep the community informed of our accreditation programs and what that means to you. We hope you find this information informative and useful. If you have any questions please feel free to contact at (904) 630-2188.

1. What does Accreditation mean to me?

2. What are the Standards that we must meet?

3. What is Re-Accreditation?

We also maintain the entire Written Directive System of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office. If you should come across a directive that has an error, or one that you feel should be revised, please feel free to submit your request to us by email us at We will review your request and make appropriate changes when necessary.

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Chief Darryl Daniels

1. What does Accreditation mean to me?

The Accreditation program give the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office the tools necessary to ensure that all policies and procedures conform to the most up-to-date professional law enforcement standards. International law enforcement accreditation through the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) and state accreditation through the Commission of Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation (CFA) is not mandatory, but it does reflect the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office willingness to demonstrate professional excellence to the Jacksonville community. The Commission on Accreditation for law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. (CALEA) was formed in 1979 to develop a set of professional law enforcement standards. Law enforcement agencies at the state and local levels must demonstrate voluntarily that they meet the stringent criteria. The commission administers the accreditation process and awards law enforcement agencies with certification. The overall goal of the accreditation program is to promote professionalism and improve the delivery of law enforcement services.

2. What are the Standards that we must meet?

The Standards address six major law enforcement topics:

1. Role, Responsibilities & Relationships with other Agencies
2. Organization, Management and Adminsitration
3. Personnel Administration
4. Enforcement, Operational Support and Traffic Enforcement
5. Prisoner and Court-related Services
6. Auxiliary and Technical Services

Designed to reflect the best professional practices in each of the six areas, the standards deal with the 'what to' leaving the decisions of 'how to' up to each agency. The accreditation process can take from 2 to 5 years for initial accreditation. To be re-accredited, the Division of Police executed and ' Application for Re-Accreditation'. and submitted to the Commission a plan for achieving re-accreditation (Annual Report) and the progress conducted toward specific goals. An on-site inspection is conducted within 36 months to confirm compliance to current standards.

3. What is Re-Accreditation?

Initial accreditation requires compliance with 80% of non-mandatory standards. The Commission requires increasing levels of compliance during each re-accreditation process up to 95%. Our agencies is currently required to meet a level of compliance of 95%. We are also of course required to come into compliance with all applicable mandatory standards including new ones enacted by the commission following accreditation or the previous re-accreditation. The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office during our last re-accreditation was in 100% compliance with all mandatory and non-mandatory standards. This is an accomplishment that the Agency and the community can be proud of.


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