Warrants Unit personnel are responsible for the storage and computer entry of all Capiases, Custody Orders, Injunctions for Protection , Arrest  Affidavits, Writs ofWarrants Unit Personnel Attachment  and Warrants issued by the State Attorney's Office. 

Capias information from the Clerk of the Court data base is electronically fed into the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office’s electronic warrant (e-Warrant) computer system on a daily basis.

Warrants Unit personnel manually enter Injunction for Protection and felony warrants into the FCIC/NCIC computer database within 24-hours of receipt. Unit personnel are responsible for the accuracy of computer entries and must make timely updates when documents are modified, served or recalled by the State Attorney’s Office.
There are currently more than 43,000 active documents filed in the Warrants Unit. Unit personnel enter, modify, recall and file an average of 500 documents each day.