The quality of a law enforcement agency is determined by the quality and character of the people it employs. I am very proud of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office and the men and women who serve in this department. Our police and corrections officers, and civilian personnel are dedicated and committed employees who strive to make the JSO the premier law enforcement agency in the nation. 

If you have a commitment to excellence and a genuine interest in law enforcement, I encourage you to consider joining our team. Our goal is to hire employees who care about the community and have a strong desire to serve and protect. The public deserves the best service we can provide. 

Serving your community may mean arresting impaired drivers, staking out potential crime locations to catch a criminal in the act, working to build a case against a drug dealer, or operating a facility for those accused or convicted of a crime. But it can also mean saving a life, preventing an injury or an injustice. The world we live in today can be a dangerous place and very often the only defense between that danger and our citizens are the men and women in blue. 

I am proud to say the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office is recognized as one of the finest police organizations in the country. Our department has been awarded the 'triple crown' of accreditation - law enforcement, corrections and corrections health services. This accomplishment is in large part a result of the caliber of employee who works at the JSO. 

If you would like to join us as we serve our community, I urge you to submit an application today. We are looking for good men and women who want to maintain the high level of performance that the citizens of Jacksonville deserve. 


John H. Rutherford, Sheriff
Duval County