Welcome to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office (JSO) Citizen's Online Crime Reporting System.

If this is an Emergency please stop and immediately call 911.

The Citizen's Online Crime Reporting System allows you to quickly and efficiently submit an official police report for certain crimes or occurrences. When you complete this report (and after it is reviewed and approved by a police officer), you will be able to print a free copy of the report. The crime you are reporting online can not involve a known suspect.

Online Reporting Criteria, Guidelines and Terms of Use

Please review the following criteria. 

  • This crime is a: Theft (excluding the theft of a firearm), Theft from a Motor Vehicle, Vehicle Burglary (excluding the theft of a firearm), or Vandalism (excluding 'Hate Crimes'). (ONLY these crimes may be reported using this online program.)
  • This crime is not an Emergency (Please call 9-1-1 immediately for Emergencies).
  • This crime occurred within the jurisdiction of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office (within Duval County, but not locations within Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, Jacksonville Beach, at the University of North Florida or at Jacksonville International Airport – those towns and locations have their own police departments.)
  • There are no known suspects involved in this crime. IF YOU HAVE SUSPECT INFORMATION you CANNOT use this system. You will need to contact the JSO at (904) 630-0500.
  • This crime does not require the collection of physical evidence.
  • Damages and/or Losses do not exceed $5,000. (If your damages or loss exceeds this amount, please call (904) 630-0500.)
  • This crime does not involve a traffic crash.
  • You must submit this report from a valid email address. You must be able to receive emails at this same address.
If you meet the above criteria, please also review the following before proceeding with this report:
  • You must be 18 years of age, or older, to report a crime using this system. If the crime victim or the person who wishes to report the crime is under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian over the age of 18 can complete the report on behalf of the juvenile.
  • Before completing this report, you should review and/or download the JSO's Victim/Witness Services Guide (English Version / Spanish Version - Revision in EspaƱol coming soon). It contains important information about your rights.
  • It is against the law to falsely report a crime, including in an online report. (Florida Statute 837.05)
Please review the Privacy Statement and Terms of Use for the JSO Citizen's Online Reporting System.

You Are Now Ready to Begin Your Online Report

Please make sure to disable any software that blocks 'pop ups' on your computer, as they may be necessary to successfully complete this report and receive a response from JSO.

If you have questions please review our Citizen's Online Crime Reporting System Frequently Asked Questions.

When You Successfully Complete the Report:  

  • You may need to add JSOonline@jaxsheriff.org to your contact list so that the notifications are not rejected by your email provider as 'spam' or junk mail.
  • You will see the words: 'Your online police report has been submitted'.
  • You will receive a temporary tracking number. (The tracking number will begin with a 'T')
  • Your submission will be reviewed by an officer within 24 hours.
  • You must submit this report from a valid email address. You must be able to receive emails at this same address.
  • You will be able to print a copy of the temporary report for your records.

Once the Report Has Been Approved By JSO

  • You will receive an email indicating that your report has been approved.
  • You will receive a police report case number.
  • You will be able to print a copy of the police report for your records.
  • To receive an official police report, please go to any of our six substations or the Public Record Counter.
Please Note:
  • While your report is reviewed, we may need to contact you. Please make sure your email address and phone number are accurate.
  • Filing a false crime report is against the law. (F.S. 837.05)

Please click here to begin your online report

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If you want to report a crime, but it does not meet the specifications for this online reporting system, please call (904) 630-0500 for a non-emergency. 

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