Sheriff Mike Williams

Monthly Meritorious Awards Ceremony

Recipients are nominated by other JSO employees and selected for recognition by the agency's Peer Achievement and Merit Boards. In addition, local businesses in Jacksonville sponsor the awards, and each winner receives special recognition for their outstanding performance by the sponsor.

*event dates may change due to holidays


The award categories are as follows:

  • Police Officer of the Month, sponsored by Nimnicht Chevrolet Company
  • Corrections Officer of the Month, sponsored by JM Family Enterprises, Inc.
  • Civilian Employee of the Month, sponsored by Alhambra Threatre & Dining
  • Reserve Officer or Volunteer of the Month, sponsored by G4S Secure Solutions, Inc.
  • Police Supervisor of the Month, sponsored by Stein Mart, Inc.
  • Corrections or Civilian Supervisor of the Month, sponsored by First Coast Security Services, Inc. 
  • Lifesaving Medal*, sponsored by the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront and the Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 5-30
  • Medal of Merit, Medal of Valor and Purple Heart Medal*, co-sponsored by Ameris Bank and the Justice Coalition

*Lifesaving Medal; Medal of Merit; Medal of Valor; Medal of Honor; and Purple Heart are all awarded by the agency on an "as warranted" basis. Nominations are generated by the employee's supervisor.

Additionally, a Peer Achievement Ribbon can be earned by an employee, based on a vote of their peers each month, recognizing service to the community and/or agency.

2018 Monthly Meritorious Awards Ceremony Dates:

Annual Meritorious Awards Ceremony
Recognizing our Employees of the Year and Citizen of the Year

The agency's annual ceremony takes place in February. At the beginning of each year, the Sheriff recognizes the JSO employees who best represent the Sheriff's Office Core Values: Always Improving, Community Focused, Respect for Each Other and Worthy of Trust.

The recipients of the Employee of the Year award were all former honorees during the previous year. These outstanding employees work day-in and day-out demonstrating excellence and commitment to their chosen profession of law enforcement. 

The 2019 Annual Meritorious Awards Ceremony date is to be determined.

*Thank you to Publix Super Markets for sponsoring refreshments for the Meritorious Awards Ceremonies.


Sheriff's Semi-Annual Retirement Celebration

This celebration is for employees who are retiring or have recently retired from the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office. The next Semi-Annual Retirement Ceremony date is to be determined.