Permit Information

The City of Jacksonville requires a permit when filming on public property. This permit is free of charge but must be submitted at least seven business days prior to filming.  Click here to submit a Film Permit Application.

Productions filming on public property must carry a minimum of $1 million liability insurance and $100,000 workers compensation. In addition to the permit, a certificate of insurance must be on file with the film commission. Specific language must be included on the certificate.  Important requirements below.

Click here for a sample certificate of liability insurance
Click here for a sample Workers Comp Exemption letter

Important Requirements:

  • List the location(s), address(es) & date(s) in the Description of Operations, Locations section
  • List "City of Jacksonville in included as additional insured as their interest may appear but only as respects to general liability where required by written contract, arising out of the insured's operations" within the Description of Operations Box.
  • Provide ‘waiver of subrogation in favor of the City of Jacksonville.’  Also note the ‘X’ marked on the attached ‘Sample-Reference Cert.’ in the  General Liability section just under ‘SUBR WVD’. 
  • Provide Workers Compensation coverage if the company employs 4 or more employees & list  in the Description of Operations box: "Workers Compensation benefits are applicable in the State of Florida" and include the date(s) of photo shoot, OR
  • If company employs less than 4 staff, the company is required to submit a signed letter by an authorized company representative on company letterhead stating: the business (name) has less than four (4) employees and are exempt from Workers Compensation. See attached ‘Workers Comp. Sample Reference’ letter as reference. 

The City of Jacksonville requires a road closure permit for any production that interferes with the normal flow of traffic.  This requirement includes intermittent closure, hold and release traffic and total road closure.

All productions filming in residential neighborhoods are advised to notify the neighborhood associations and to leaflet the neighborhood.  All permits, location and policy requests must come through the City of Jacksonville's Film & Television Office.  

Requirements for Filming with Drones (UAS - unmanned aircraft system)
FAA Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Regulations & Policies
Summary of the Small UAS Rule (Part 107) (PDF) 
Where to Fly

Some restrictions include:
•    No filming with drones within five nautical miles of an airport. Link to No Fly Zone Map
•    Check out the new online FAA map 
•    No night filming without a FAA waiver

Incentives and Financial Information

In addition to our climate and varied locations, there are financial incentives to film in Florida.

Any qualified production company producing motion pictures, made for television motion pictures, television series, commercial advertising, music videos or sound recordings in Florida, may be eligible for a sales and use tax exemption on certain production related purchases in Florida.

Learn more about various tax advantages and exemptions, travel and lodging discounts and other incentives available when you bring your production to our state.  For more information, visit  Legislative updates regarding the Florida Entertainment Industry Economic Development Act are available on


How do I get a permit and is there a cost associated with that?

Permits are free of charge. To obtain a permit, simply click here to download one, or call the Film & Television Office at (904) 630-2522 and request for a permit to be emailed/faxed to you. Fill out the permit and fax it back to the film office at (904) 630-3693. We must also have your Certificate of Insurance in order to get approval on your production.

How do I get a Production Guide?

If you are a production company or executive and are considering hiring area crew and services in Jacksonville, you may request a guide from the film office via email or at (904) 630-2522. You may also instantly access an updated version from our website by clicking here. For frequently asked questions about the Production Guide application, please click here.

Does your office have location photos?

Yes, we have an extensive library of location photos on file. Some of them are posted online in the location section of the Production Guide. If you are looking for specific locations, contact us at (904) 630-2522 or email us. If we do not have that location on file, staff will do a preliminary location scout of the requested area.

How can I find out about any productions currently happening in Jacksonville?

We annouce any current productions or events on our blog (

Film & Television Advisory Board 

The Mayor appoints members to the board for staggered three-year terms. The members are all professionals who are interested in the film and video industry or are professionals in the city whose expertise in television, motion picture, marketing and the public relations industry enable them to act in an advisory capacity. For a complete listing of the Board members, please click here for the list (PDF 103K).

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