1. The e-mail that I received says that I am only listed under one category, when in actuality I am listed under several. How do I update my other listings?
You will be receiving one e-mail for every category that you are listed under. We ask that you please respond to each of these e-mails with your updated information or with the statement 'OK As Is' in order for your information to be updated in every category. If you have several categories that require the same update, you may respond to one e-mail but please note in your response that the changes should be applied to all categories.

2. If I only reply to one e-mail will my information be updated in all of the categories that I am listed under?
No, your information will be updated according to the response we receive from each e-mail. Please note in your response if you would like your new information to be applied to all of the categories that you are listed under.

3. Is my current listing still free?
Yes, your listing is free for up to two (2) categories. If you are listed in more than two (2) categories, each additional listing in a category will cost $50. For a new listing(s), please complete the Production Guide application.

4. What can I do to make my current listing(s) stand out?
For an additional $50 per listing we offer enhancements to your current listing(s) with bold type and a box around your listing. Other enhancements include:

Additional Listing: Listings in excess of 2 free listings
Enhanced Listing: Bold typed & box around your listing
Extended Listing: up to 50 words in the description part of your listing, rather than only 25 words.

5. How do I make a payment for the enhancements?
Checks should be made payable to Jacksonville Film Office Trust Fund. Mail to:

City of Jacksonville: Film & Television
117 West Duval Street, Suite 280
Jacksonville, FL 32202

6. How will I know that my response has been received?
To confirm your response, check to see that your listing has been updated at www.filmjax.com. Please allow 4-6 weeks for us to update the online production guide.

7. Do I have to respond even if my current information is still correct?
Yes! In order to maintain accuracy of the listings in the production guide, we will need a response from ALL of our current listees. If we don't hear from you, your listing is subject to removal.