Fight Neighborhood Blight

be a lovebug not a litterbug

Swipe Right, Fight Blight is our newest anti-litter initiative designed to encourage citizens not to litter. To learn more about Examples of Blight in our city, and How You Can Help click the links. 


What is Blight?

neighborhood blight
Blight (noun) an ugly, neglected, or rundown condition of an urban area.

Neighborhood blight refers to the deterioration and decay of neighborhoods in many cities across the country due to neglect, crime or lack of economic support. This can also be referred to as urban decay. As homes or properties fall further into disrepair, they can negatively affect other properties around them. Blight conditions can lower surrounding property values, create havens for crime and illegal activity, and can threaten the public health and safety of a community. Blight is a drag on community energy, a siphon on city vitality, and a strong deterrent to economic investment. It can be a source of despair or cynicism for people who have witnessed the decline of a particular building or neighborhood over time. Eliminating Jacksonville’s blight will dramatically improve the next chapter of the city’s future.

More Resources

Get involved in your community! Contact the City of Jacksonville’s Fight Blight Director, E. Denise Lee,, 630-1874.