Dear Citizens,

Thank you for your interest in the Community Conversations I hosted over the past two months to discuss discrimination. The public’s level of engagement has impressed and assured me that we have a passionate community of citizens dedicated to making Jacksonville better. The discussions, although centered on a topic that evokes emotion, were civil, thoughtful and respectful – each of which is necessary to facilitate an effective democratic process. 

I am grateful to Michael Boylan, who invested a great deal of time and energy as the moderator of all three Community Conversations, as well as each of the panelists for their contributions to the dialogue. My appreciation also extends to our host institutions – FSCJ, Edward Waters College and Jacksonville University – for their partnership and generosity in allowing us use of their campuses, which met both our educational and geographically diverse needs. 

In addition to providing valuable insight, the information and resources I received during these conversations have also strengthened my connection to our citizens. I am indeed grateful for this privilege. It is my sincere hope that citizens will demonstrate the same level of passion and interest as we continue to find local solutions for local needs.


Lenny Curry

Law & Ordinance

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