Jacksonville Anti-Discrimination Laws

There is an Ordinance Code the City of Jacksonville follows prohibiting discrimination in the areas of employment, public accommodations, and housing (Title XI, Chapters 400, 402, 406 and 408). The City also adheres to federal and state statutes that protect against discrimination. These laws protect individuals based on race, national origin, sex, age, disability, and familial status. In recent years, efforts have been sought to include sexual orientation and gender identity/expression as a protected category in local anti-discrimination laws, adding protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals.

The City of Jacksonville established a Human Rights Commission more than 45 years ago to ensure that citizens have the opportunity to fully participate in the privileges of complete membership in the community and for taking action to eliminate discriminatory practices in Jacksonville. Learn more about the Human Rights Commission.

In 2012, the Jacksonville City Council considered legislation (2012-296) proposing the addition of sexual orientation, gender identify, and gender expression to the list of protected classes in Jacksonville’s anti-discrimination ordinances covering the areas of employment, housing, and public accommodations. That legislation was not approved by City Council.