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December 14, 2016  
Mayor Curry runs the Holiday Hill morning mile

Every one in every zip code lives well

Jacksonville is on a journey and it needs all of us to get where we’re going. Out of Florida’s 67 counties, Jacksonville ranks 48th for quality health outcomes. That 2016 score from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is based on dozens of factors, including physical and mental health, health behaviors, environment and more.

In an effort to improve Jacksonville’s health rankings, Mayor Lenny Curry joined U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy and local community leaders to launch Journey to One in April 2016.

“As someone who exercises daily, I know the benefits of an active lifestyle. As mayor, I know the benefits of a healthy community,” said Mayor Curry. “Research tells us that the health of a city is defined by the well-being of its citizens.”

Journey to One’s mission is to ensure that every one in every ZIP code lives well. The initiative aims to reach its goal by addressing wellness in two key areas: personal health and community health.

Each of us are presented with decisions that affect our personal health and wellness every day. From deciding what to eat (and how much), to choosing whether to watch TV versus walking in a park, we make many daily choices that impact our overall well-being. Journey to One recognizes that each of us has a responsibility to improve our personal health.

In addition to our individual choices, our community surroundings affect our health. Is there ready access to healthy foods? Are there safe places to walk and be active? Mayor Curry says city leaders are responsible to improve our community health by addressing issues like blight and public safety, both of which can lead to increased health risks.

Journey to One offers several resources to help you work toward your personal health goals (see left). JaxParks is a key feature of Mayor Curry’s Mayorthon initiative. Every month, the City will host an invigorating walk in one of its parks. Additionally, JaxParks has a dozen parks with paved walking paths and five parks with running tracks that you can use to meet the mayor’s challenge to citizens to walk or run 26.2 miles each month.

Journey to One’s community health focus offers citywide resources that support our collective well-being including public safety, blight remediation and efforts to address food disparities by making fresh produce available in underserved areas of Jacksonville. Fifty-eight  local fire stations currently offer free blood pressure checks and Journey to One continues to engage community partners to expand opportunities for citizens to have access to free health screenings.

“Improving from 48 to number one is no small task,” Mayor Curry notes. “With the support and resources of these partners, we will succeed with the Journey to One.”

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