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Annual Reports

Public Records Notice

The City of Jacksonville is committed to making its website compliant with all state and federal laws, as well as accessible to as many people as possible. The City is currently developing a procedure to make all documents posted on the City’s website readable via screen reader. In the meantime, public records that are not currently accessible via screen reader will not be posted to the City’s website but remain available pursuant to a public records request. To submit a public records request online visit MyJax or call (904) 630-CITY and provide a description of the documents being requested. For documents requiring screen reader compatibility, requests will be directed to the originator of the correspondence.

Board and Commission Annual Reports

Pursuant to Jacksonville Ordinance Code, Section 50.110(b), regarding reporting requirements, all Boards and Commissions described in Section 50.110(a) and Boards and Commissions requiring joint appointments by Council or Mayor, including those of the independent authorities, shall submit an annual report to Council, filed with the Council Secretary, with supporting documentation, no later than June 30th of each year. The annual report shall contain a summary of the commissions' prior year activities, including how often the board or commission met, the current members, identification of any vacant positions and its individual assessment of the effectiveness of the particular board or commission.

Link to Ordinance Code Section 50.110 - Review of Boards and Commissions, Sunsetting and Reporting

Reports Received for Council Year 7/1/2022 - 6/30/2023


Special District, City Departmental & Program Annual Reports

The special district, departmental and program annual reports required by the Jacksonville Ordinance Code to be submitted annually to City Council are posted below.

Reports Received for Council Year 7/1/2022 - 6/30/2023


Independent Authorities Annual Presentations

Pursuant to Resolution 2018-425-A, urging the Independent Authorities to report to Council at least every 12 months, the Jacksonville Aviation Authority, the Jacksonville Port Authority, the Jacksonville Transportation Authority and the JEA, are urged to schedule time on a rotating basis with the Council Secretary for each entity at least once every twelve (12) months to attend a Council meeting and provide an oral update and state of the independent agency report to the Council with which would include the following (i) a report by the CEO, (ii) a Financial Report for the prior fiscal year (with balance sheet, income statement and cash flow information), (iii) an Employee Review (with number of employees, number of openings/difficulties in skill sets and/or hiring, diversity data, turnover rate), (iv) Projects over $1 million dollars, (v) Contracts in excess of $3 million dollars, (vi) Risks, and (vii) a designated question and answer period.

Link to Resolution 2018-425-A Urging the Independent Authorities to Report to Council at Least Every 12 Months


Prior Year Annual Reports


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