The Jacksonville City Council is seeking Duval County residents to serve on local boards and commissions. Citizen board members play an integral role in local government by providing advisory and regulatory oversight on a variety of important issues. Board members are volunteers who are appointed by City Council or the Mayor to serve for a term with a set end date. This is a unique and fulfilling way to serve your community and become more engaged with local government.

How to Apply

Applicants interested in seeking appointment must reside in Duval County. The Appointment Application for a City Council Board or Commission appointment is a 232k PDF form, which may be typed, hand written, or filled out online and printed. PDFs may be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader®.

Mail completed, signed, and notarized forms to:

Jacksonville City Council
Board and Commission Appointments
117 W. Duval Street, Suite 425
Jacksonville, FL 32202

(904) 630-1497 Telephone
(904) 630-2906 FAX

The Application / Background Investigation Waiver must be notarized.

Once a candidate has been selected, they will be mailed an acceptance letter for signature.  After the acceptance letter has been returned, legislation to confirm the appointment will be introduced.  The candidate will receive a letter from the Legislative Services Division indicating the appointment bill number and the date and time the candidate will need to appear before the Rules Committee.

Appointment applications are kept on file for two years. Appointment offers by the Council President can come at any point within that time frame. Although, all attempts are made to place applicants on their primary board of interest an appointment offer could be made to serve on another board to which the applicant is qualified to serve. 

**Please note: Attendance is an integral part of serving on one of the City's Boards or Commissions. Many of the boards meet monthly and require a quorum in order to meet. Please review the Time Commitment section below to gain a better understanding of the time requirement for each board.**

Click here for additional information regarding the City Council Appointment Process (53k)
Click here to view important legal information for all current or potential board and commission members from the City's Ethics Officer (40k)

If you have any questions or would like to be added to the City Council Board and Commission Appointments mailing list please contact

Ethics Training Schedule:

All Boards and Commissions members must attend an ethics tranining session within the first 6 months of appointment confirmation. Training sessions are held in the Lynwood Roberts Room located on the 1st Floor of the St. James Building, 117 W. Duval St, Jacksonville, FL 32202.   

2019 Boards & Commissions Ethics Training Schedule 

June 27, 2019 12-1pm
August 22, 2019 12-1pm
October 29, 2019 12-1pm - Amended Date
December 5, 2019 12-1pm

Time Commitment:

Individual boards meet on a monthly, quarterly, annually, or as needed basis.The length of meetings can fluctuate depending on the number and complexity of issues scheduled to be discussed on an agenda, however a good estimate is 1-3 hours for general meetings and around an hour for subcommittee meetings. A schedule listing the regular date, time, and frequency of meetings for each board can be found here: Board & Commission Schedule. General meeting frequency is listed next to each appointment opening. Please see the below time categories for reference:

Low Time Commitment = Quarterly or Annual Meetings
Medium Time Commitment = Monthly Meetings
High Time Commitment = Multiple Monthly Meetings

Current Appointment Opportunities:

Building Codes Adjustment Board [Medium Time Commitment]

Category: Duval Resident
Term Ending: September 30, 2021
Description: Study building codes and recommend to Council needed amendments thereto as may be found necessary or desirable.  Hear and decide building code enforcement appeals.  Authorize building code variances where authorized by law.
Web Link: General Board Information
Meeting Schedule: Monthly, 2nd Thursday, 4:00 PM
Appointment Application.pdf (232k PDF Form)

Jacksonville-Duval County Council on Elder Affairs [Medium Time Commitment]

**Please Note: All COEA members shall be age 55 or older, and should not be providers of services or employees of the local, state or federal government.**
 Council District 2 (term ending 6/30/2021) 
Category: Council District 3 (term ending 6/30/2021)
Category: Council District 5 (term ending 6/30/2021)
Category: Council District 6 (term ending 6/30/2021)
Category: Council District 7 (term ending 6/30/2021)
Category: Council District 12 (term ending 6/30/2021)
Category: Council District 13 (term ending 6/30/2021)
Category: Council District 14 (term ending 6/30/2021)
Description: Serve as an advocate, for the older persons in the city, to the governmental agencies responsible for the various plans and programs designed to help older persons; Assist in the implementation of plans and programs selected by regional organizations, as they relate to the city and its citizens; Designate priorities among programs developed in the city by public, nonprofit and private providers concerning older persons.
Web Link: Council on Elder Affairs General Information
Meeting Schedule: Monthly, 4th Wednesday, 10:00 AM
Appointment Application.pdf (183k PDF Form)

Jacksonville Health Facilities Authority [Low Time Commitment]

Category: Duval Resident
Term Ending: December 15, 2021
Description: Assist health facilities in the acquisition, construction, financing, and refinancing of projects.
Web Link: General Board Information
Meeting Schedule: As Needed (There are no regularly scheduled meetings as this board only meets in the event of a hospital bonding request.)
Appointment Application.pdf (232k PDF Form)

Jacksonville Housing & Community Development Commission [Medium Time Commitment]

Category: Low Income Advocate
Term Ending: November 30, 2019
Specifications: Candidates should possess some knowledge regarding affordable housing and represent one of the following categories: Real Estate Professional, Low-Income Advocate, For-Profit Provider, Non-Profit Provider, Residential Homebuilder, Home Building Labor, Banking/Mortgage Industry, Employer Representative, Resident, Local Planning Agency, Essential Services Personnel (Fire, Police, Teacher, Healthcare Worker).
Description: Provide oversight and guidance to the Housing and Community Development Division.
Make recommendations on all agreements entered into by the Housing and Community Development Division through the Neighborhoods Department for and on behalf of the City.
Conduct any required public hearings, undertake the review, take any and all required actions for compliance, and make recommendations to the Council for adoption (and authorize the transmittal) as required by section 420.9076, Florida Statutes.
Conduct any required public hearings, undertake the review, take any and all required actions for compliance, and recommend to the Council for adoption (and authorize the transmittal) a "Consolidated Plan" as required by 24 CFR Part 91.
Web Link: JHCDC General Information
Meeting Schedule: Monthly, 4th Wednesday, 9:30 AM
Appointment Application (232k PDF Form)

JSEB Monitoring Committee [Low Time Commitment]

Category: Trade Association Representative
Term Ending: April 30, 2020
Description: Review the status of the goals of the Jacksonville Small Emerging Businesses Program, along with a comparison of the achievements under the Program compared with the goals.
Web Link: General Information
Meeting Schedule: Quarterly
Appointment Application (232k PDF Form)

KingSoutel Crossing Community Redevelopment Agency Advisory Board [Medium Time Commitment]

Category: Representative of the planning, landscape architecture or architecture fields [4 year term]
Category: Representative of the banking, insurance or finance profession [4 year term]
Category: Representative of the engineering or construction management profession [3 year term]
Description: Advisory board to the KingSoutel Crossing CRA Agency Board.
Web Link: General Information
Meeting Schedule: TBA
Appointment Application (232k PDF Form)

Tourist Development Council

Category: Representative of the tourist industry
Term Ending: June 30, 2023
Description: Recommend a method of coordination of existing tourist development efforts by both public and private agencies, organizations and business and of new or additional tourist development efforts.Identify and recommend methods of eliminating unnecessary duplications in existing tourist development efforts.
Identify and develop new tourist development efforts.Create, prepare and submit to the Council a tourist development plan.Review the expenditures of revenues from the Tourist Development Trust Fund and report any unauthorized expenditures to the Council and State Department of Revenue.
Web Link: General Board Information
Meeting Schedule: Monthly, 2nd Thursday, 1:30 p.m.
Appointment Application (232k PDF Form)