City Council President appoints Special Committee to re-write Jacksonville's Zoning Code

November 02, 2006  

Jacksonville City Council President Michael Corrigan has announced the appointment of a Special Committee to re-write the City's Zoning Code. Chaired by Council Member Sharon Copeland, the committee will be composed of Council Members Lad Daniels, Ronnie Fussell, Art Graham, Suzanne Jenkins, Mia Jones and Lynette Self. The committee will also include Jim Register and Deno Hicks of the Planning Commission as ex-officio non-voting members. The committee's first meeting will be on Monday, November 20th at 5:00 p.m. in the City Council Chamber.

The appointment of the Special Committee is a part of President Corrigan's year-long theme for his presidency - 'Finish What We Started.' The City's Zoning Code was last substantially overhauled in 1991 in conjunction with the adoption of the 2010 Comprehensive Plan, and various efforts have been underway in recent years to substantially revise and update the code to better address modern development practices and patterns in the city. The City's Planning and Development Department and several consultants have worked on the comprehensive revision for several years. President Corrigan has asked the Special Committee to 'review existing Chapter 656, Ordinance Code, regarding the Zoning Code for inconsistencies, incompatible requirements and out-dated references and practices' and to 'Make final recommendations and draft legislation' for the City Council to complete the re-write. The deadline for a final report and draft legislation is March 31, 2007.

President Corrigan believes that 'After 15 years of sometimes steady and sometimes amazingly rapid growth in Jacksonville, it's time to give our Zoning Code a hard look to see if it is still producing the kind of quality growth we want for our city, and to make whatever changes are necessary to ensure that the code is adequate to guide Jacksonville's growth in the 21st century. A lot of work has already been done along those lines; now it's time to wrap it all together and produce a final product for the Council and the community at large to consider.'