City Council President establishes a Special Committee for a Safer Jacksonville

January 09, 2007  

Jacksonville City Council President Michael Corrigan has announced the formation of a Special Committee for a Safer Jacksonville. Chaired by Council Member Gwen Yates, the committee will be composed of Council Members Daniel Davis, Lad Daniels, Suzanne Jenkins and Mia Jones.

The appointment of the Special Committee is indicative of President Corrigan's commitment to the safety of Jacksonville residents. The committee is charged to study public safety, intervention and prevention programs. The members of the committee are all current or former members of the Finance Committee and will collaborate with the Mayor's administration and the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, in the preparation of the Fiscal Year 2007-08 budget, to ensure that available public safety dollars are targeted for maximum effect. The deadline for a final report and draft legislation, if necessary, is June 30, 2007.

'Jacksonville has a history of surmounting enormous obstacles and succeeding against the odds,' said President Corrigan. 'Although the issue of violent crime is complex and difficult, there's no doubt that we can address it if we continue our work together. The Special Committee for a Safer Jacksonville is an important step in that direction.'

Cheryl L. Brown, Director at (904) 630-1452