City Council President Kevin Hyde Announces Appointment of Affordable and Low-Income Housing Task Force.

April 24, 2006  

Jacksonville City Council President Kevin Hyde held a news conference today to announce the appointment of a City Council Task Force on Affordable and Low-Income Housing.

The appointment of this task force recognizes the growing problem that affordable housing supply represents for Jacksonville. According to President Hyde, 'Affordable housing is among the most important issues affecting Florida generally and Jacksonville specifically. The problem is large and the solutions difficult. Nonetheless, the issue will only worsen if the problem isn't addressed.'

'I am pleased that the task force will work with the Jacksonville Housing Commission,' said Mr. Hyde. 'This unique partnership will provide a wide forum to address the various issues that affect the availability of affordable housing. I am confident that the end product of the task force will advance the cause of ensuring an adequate and available supply of affordable housing.'

Former Council President Elaine Brown, a passionate advocate for the issue of affordable housing, will chair the Task Force. The other members are Council Vice President Michael Corrigan and Council Members Daniel Davis, Reggie Fullwood and Mia Jones. The task force will study means - both legislative and operational - to begin solving the affordable housing crisis. The task force's goal will be to craft legislation for introduction to the City Council by Labor Day.

Task Force Chair Elaine Brown expects the group to look at two specific policy areas as part of the overall study of affordable housing issues and ridding the city of substandard housing stock: 1) leveraging the availability of City-owned land to spur affordable housing production; and 2) furthering existing and establishing new City partnerships with both not-for-profit and for-profit developers who will bring affordable housing to the market.

'I look forward to tackling this vital issue for our community,' said Councilwoman Brown, 'and I'm sure that the work of the task force will provide us with several new strategies to help ensure that every economic segment of our community - particularly the low-income and working poor - can find decent, affordable housing in our city.'

Contact: Cheryl L. Brown, Director at (904) 630-1452 .