City of Jacksonville Councilwoman Glorious Johnson Launches 'Tale of Two Cities Tour and Revitalization Initiative' as part of the Access Jacksonville Initiative

September 03, 2009  

To address the socio-economic issues facing under served communities of Jacksonville, Jacksonville Councilwoman Glorious J. Johnson, in partnership with the Florida Minority Community Reinvestment Coalition (FMCRC), launched Access Jacksonville at a Community Hearing January 30, 2009. The current economic downturn forces all of Jacksonville to confront its ability to compete in the global economy. Access Jacksonville was developed to ensure that the leaders of Jacksonville are focused on the assets, including human assets that will drive prosperity for all of Jacksonville. In keeping with this mission of Access Jacksonville, Councilwoman Glorious Johnson and FMCRC have designated the 'Durkeeville/Midwest' area a target 'Tale of Two Cities Community Revitalization' zone that will focus on reversing poverty and unemployment in partnership with leading financial institutions. Councilwoman Glorious Johnson, along with key community leaders, council members and key executives of Citibank, Wells Fargo/Wachovia, Colonial, Bank of America, JP Morgan/Chase and Regions bank will participate in a 'Tale of Two Cities' bus tour of the impoverished Durkeeville/Midwest area on September 24th.

States Councilwoman Johnson 'This area of Jacksonville has one of the highest poverty rates in Florida, including unemployment of over 50% with one census tract. This affects all of Jacksonville and its ability to compete in the global economy. To reverse this alarming trend, we must leverage Jacksonville's key assets-innovation, infrastructure, human capital and access to capital. In partnership with community, business and public leaders, we will build a job creation model for the Durkeeville/Midwest area that will serve as a model for all of Florida.'

The 'Tale of Two Cities Tour and Revitalization' initiative will focus on market-based strategies to unleash both innovation and entrepreneurialism that will fuel economic renewal and job creation for the Durkeeville/Midwest area. FMCRC Chair Al Pina states 'The best affordable housing project will always be a good paying job. Producing jobs and building wealth for this distressed community is job one and we will use proven models to achieve this goal.'

Capital continues to be the fuel for the economic engine in the United States and is vital for any economic agenda. Leading Florida financial institutions and proven national community economic development experts will be engaged to provide leadership and guidance in the development of a master 'community revitalization blueprint' for the Tale of Two Cities Revitalization Initiative.

Concludes Councilwoman Glorious Johnson 'Jacksonville does not have the experts to engage this new approach to community revitalization and the creation of jobs so we will engage those experts who can help us rebuild this distressed community with proven models. This will provide Jacksonville and Florida with a new form of partnership with federal, state, local and private-sector leaders that will enable us to strengthen the overall economy of Jacksonville by building a stronger and more sustainable and diverse middle class.'

The Florida Minority Community Reinvestment Coalition was formed to empower minorities in the areas of housing, community reinvestment, small business, health, sustainable development and employment. At the core of our mission is the creation of a paradigm shift in community reinvestment for minority communities.