Council President - Elect Michael L. Corrigan, Jr., Annouces Jacksonville City Council Standing Committee Assignments for Council Year 2006-2007.

July 01, 2006  

I am very excited about the upcoming year and serving as Council President. One of my goals this year is to strive to make our city government more efficient and effective. I hope the City Council can lead by example, starting with the function of the City Council Committees.

I have reduced the number of standing committees from eight to six and condensed the committee week from three days to two. In the past, the committees have met on Monday through Wednesday; with this new committee structure, three committees will meet on Mondays and three committees will meet on Tuesdays.

The other change in the committee structure is the Rules Committee, which has traditionally met on Wednesday afternoon, will now be the first committee to meet on Monday morning. I believe these major changes will streamline work done at the committee level and avoid redundancy, giving the Council more time to devote to other issues in the community.

In addition to the Standing Committees, I also intend to continue the work of two of the special committees created under the leadership of Council President Hyde. I have asked Council Member Elaine Brown to continue to chair the Special Committee on Affordable Housing with Council President Hyde taking my place on the committee. I will also be reappointing the Special Committee on Conducting Jacksonville's Business under the leadership of Council Member Lad Daniels to a date certain, so they may complete the tasks appointed to the committee.

Thank you for your support and willingness to serve.

Michael Corrigan

Council President - Elect

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