Councilwoman Gwen Yates Recipient of Charles D. Webb Award

July 21, 2003  


July 21, 2003

City Councilwoman Gwen Yates Receives
Charles D. Webb Award

Photo of Gwen Yates Receiving Webb AwardThe Charles D. Webb Award traditionally is the Council's most prestigious internal honor as each year the outgoing Council president selects a recipient from among his peers. At the City Council and Constitutional Officers Installation Ceremony on Thursday evening, June 26, 2003, Council President Jerry Holland selected returning Councilwoman Gwen Yates of District 8 as a recipient of the Webb Award. Yates was selected from among her peers for her outstanding achievement as a council member, for the work she has done for her community and the dedication she has demonstrated for the City of Jacksonville.

When speaking to the large crowd gathered for the ceremony, President Jerry Holland shared just a few of the reasons why he selected Council Member Yates as this year's recipient. 'Her public record for serving our community has stretched over several decades. She truly represents the good in all of us. She has been a lifelong advocate for senior citizens, youth programs and has a passion for public health and safety. She has always been willing and able to tackle the tough issues facing our community.'


Moved by this distinguished honor, Councilwoman Yates responded, 'I thank you so much for this recognition of my work for my city and my community. I knew Charlie Webb. He was a man of impeccable integrity and so I am honored to receive this in his name.'

Councilwoman Yates begins her second term as representative for her district. On the Council, she again serves as the Chair of the Public Health, Safety and Utilities Committee and is a member of the Finance Committee and the Recreation, Community Development and Education Committee. During her tenure on the Council, she has consistently worked to improve the quality of life for the citizens of her community.