Jacksonville City Council Public Notices Now Available On-Line

July 03, 2007  

Council President Daniel Davis announces, the Jacksonville City Council now maintains on-line access to City Council Public Notices. Public Notices have been maintained and available for public viewing within Office of Legislative Services for many years, but now the Public Notices and associated documentation are also available on-line. 'Our office has always kept records of noticed meetings,' said Cheryl L. Brown, Director/Council Secretary. 'Now we are making our internal processes, already in place, available on the web. The passage of Ordinance 2007-733-E, introduced by then Council President Michael Corrigan, Council Members Richard Clark, Lad Daniels, Kevin Hyde, Suzanne Jenkins and Gwen Yates, current Council President Daniel Davis and Vice President Ronnie Fussell, authorized the posting of Public Notices on the City Council web page,' added Ms. Brown.

The implementation of the project was developed in house with the assistance of the city's Information Technology Department. Web users will be able to view the data by, Council Member, meeting, or documentation and have the ability to search by any of those criteria. To access the application, select the Public Notices link on the Council's web page at www.coj.net. As with all City Council Public Notices, a printed copy is maintained in the Office of Legislative Services for public viewing and the staff there will assist the public interested in obtaining printed copies.

Please contact Cheryl L. Brown, Director at (904) 630-1452 for additional information or correspondence.