Past Special & Ad Hoc Committees

The following special and ad hoc committees have reached their formal sunset date. Please click the individual links below to visit site specific webpages.

Ad Hoc Committee on Hemming Plaza
Budget Analysis Special Committee
Charter Revision Special Committee 2010 
Charter Revision Special Committee 2019 
CIP Special Committee
City Pension Sustainability Special Committee
Context Sensitive Streets Special Committee
Courthouse Oversight Special Committee
Economic Development Incentives Special Committee
Electronic Communications Special Committee
Future of JEA Special Committee
Government Relations and Legislative Affairs Select Committee
Hemming Park Special Committee 
JEA Agreement Special Committee
JEA Matters Special Investigatory Committee​

Metro & Urban Parks Ad Hoc Committee
Neighborhood Improvement and Community Enhancement Special Ad Hoc Committee
Oversight of the Sports Development Events Fund Special Committee
Parks Special Committee
Privatization Special Committee
Public Service Grants Special Committee
Reapportionment Committee
Reorganization Review Special Committee
Resiliency Special Committee

Review "The District" Development Proposal Special Committee
Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods Special Committee 
Seaport & Airport Special Committee
Short-Term Vacation Rentals Special Committee
Social Justice and Community Investment Special Committee
Solid Waste Special Committee
Special Ad Hoc Committee on Jacksonville's Neighborhood Blight
Special Committee on Historical Remembrance
Special Committee on Solid Waste
Special Committee on the Opioid Epidemic
Special Committee to Review the Status of JEA
St Johns River Ferry Commission
St Johns River Ferry Ad Hoc Committee
Task Force on Civil Rights History
Task Force on Consolidated Government 
Task Force on Open Government
Task Force on Safety & Crime Reduction  
Trail Ridge Oversight Special Committee
Transfer Stations Special Committee
Utilizing UF Health as a Healthcare Delivery Option Special Committee
Vehicles for Hire Special Committee