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City of Jacksonville

The membership of the 2023-2027 Jacksonville City Council will be installed for the term beginning July 1, 2023.  The following events have been scheduled to facilitate this process.

2023 Orientation and Transition Schedule

May 25, 2023

NOTICE - Special Meeting of the Council Elect 
MINUTES - Special Meeting of the Council Elect
VIDEO - Special Meeting of the Council Elect
(Leadership Vote)

June 14, 2023

Notice | Minutes | Attendance | Morning Session VideoAfternoon Session Video 


June 15, 2023

Notice | Minutes | Attendance | Video


June 16, 2023

Notice | Minutes | Attendance |

 Executive Council Assistants 2023-2024 Government in Sunshine Certifiates -Pursuant to 15.108, Ordinance Code

Council Members 2023-2024 Ethics and  Sunshine Training -Pursuant to 112.3124 Florida Statue & 15.108, Ordinance Code




For additional information, contact Margaret M. Sidman, Director/Council Secretary at (904) 255-5133.

Reading the pdf documents on this page requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader available free from Adobe.