In 1997, the City of Jacksonville increased their investment in the arts by allotting a percent-for-art in eligible city construction projects in an effort to add to the City’s public art collection. The ordinance designated an Art in Public Places Program, which would be administered on behalf of the City by the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville. Together with the APP Committee and support from the Mayor, City Council and City Departments, Art in Public Places has acquired over 115 public artworks and memorials throughout Duval County. APP, through the Cultural Council staff, oversees the selection, installation, maintenance, and conservation of the artworks promotes education about public art.

This program was designed to integrate a wide range of art into spaces that are free and accessible to the public. The City ordinance requires that a percentage of the collection be representative of the artists of our region. The artworks contribute positively to Duval County’s evolving and vibrant urban landscapes. Through its collection and related programming, APP raises public awareness of the environment and expands the region’s knowledge and understanding of the arts through direct experience. Click here to view the members of the Art in Public Places Committee.

The Jacksonville Art in Public Places Program seeks to provide for the City of Jacksonville a realization of the goals set forth in the Ordinance including:
  • Add to the cultural heritage of the city through aesthetic enhancement of the environment.
  • Make art of excellent quality accessible to all the diverse elements of our population including children, thus stimulating intellectual and artistic growth.
  • Create focal points within the city for the enjoyment and contemplation of fine art.
  • Enhance the stature of the city by defining its commitment to artists and to the creative process as a vital element of urban dynamics.
For more information, visit the Cultural Council website or call (904) 358-3600.