Office of Grants and Compliance

The Office of Grants and Compliance works to obtain federal, state, and private funding to increase the City of Jacksonville's capacity and capability to provide services to residents.

Grants Office Functions

  • Promote collaboration between City departments, authorities, and offices.
  • Foster partnerships between the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.
  • Serve as a resource for City departments during grant research, award, and management.

The Grants Office also serves as a liaison for providing government Letters of Support, issues Public Service Grants, and manages the Richard A. McKissick Memorial DAWN Program. Click below, or on the navigation bar on the left side of this page, to access more information on the following:


Grants Office Staff

Kendra Mervin, Grant Administrator

Sharonda Davis, Grants Compliance Officer

John Snyder, Human Services Planner Supervisor

Larry Finkelstein, Grants Writer

Pehris Fennell, Clerical Specialist

Najera Johnson, Human Service Planner III - Cure Violence

Sharon Pennant, Human Service Planner III- CBCR

Raelyn Means, Human Service Planner III-PSG

Liz Rodgers, Planning Technician - InVest Program

214 N. Hogan Street, Suite 800
Jacksonville, Florida 32202
Fax: (904) 255-8256