The Jacksonville Small and Emerging Business (JSEB) Continuing Education Program is designed to foster effective educational training and professional development for JSEB Vendors with varying skill sets and professional services.  JSEBs will be encouraged to apply skills acquired from the continuing education program to their personal educational goals, staff, and overall business operations.  The JSEB Continuing Education Program Curriculum uses the Adult Learning Theory as a theoretical framework, which specifically focuses on the Self-directed learning model.  Furthermore, the curriculum is created to reflect an Interdisciplinary Studies program format.  With this framework, learning model, and program format combined, JSEB Vendors will be able to build an educational coursework pathway that is germane to their business needs. This journey is advised, guided, and in some instances created by the Equal Business Opportunity Education Coordinator.  
Theoretical Framework Defined:
The JSEB continuing education program is formulated from the Adult Learning Theory.  Developed by Malcolm Knowles in 1968, Adult Learning Theory or “Andragogy” is the concept of how adults learn.  In this theory, Knowles described 6 assumptions about how adults learn which are: Need for knowledge, Motivation, Willingness, Foundation or Experience, Self-Direction, and Orientation.  The JSEB Continuing Education program relies on Knowles’ Self-Directed assumption as a basis for vendors.  Self-directed learning is the idea of adults directing their own learning with the goal of self-development in mind (Merriam & Bierema, 2014).
Interdisciplinary Studies Defined:
Interdisciplinary Studies is a discipline that allows students to gather knowledge from several disciplines to streamline their learning journey to fit their specific learning goals.  Students practice self-directed learning but are guided by an academic advisor/professor who evaluates and determines the learning needs.  The JSEB continuing education program reflects this disciplinary format.
Educational Tracks Defined:

Growth and Elevation Program: The Growth and Elevation Program will consist of the “Doing Business With The City of Jacksonville” pre-requisite course and the Small Business Government Contracting Series (PTAC Cohort).  Both entry level and mid-level vendors are required to take the Doing Business With The City of Jacksonville course.  After course completion, mid-level vendors will be required to take the PTAC Cohort.

Professional Development Program: The Professional Development  Program is designed for all vendors who would like to sharpen their skills and business acumen.  The professional development component is intended to promote self-directed learning so that vendors can guide their own educational journey.  Also, the professional development component is designed to motivate vendors to develop the willingness to gain knowledge that will foster business growth.  The EBO will partner with various educational institutions to provide the professional development courses needed for JSEBs.

Executive Program: The Executive Program is an advanced level cohort offered annually.  It is designed to provide advanced level JSEB vendors with applicable information for their business.  Includes the following cohorts:  Jim Moran Small Business Executive Program and the Business Intelligence Program.

Track 1 Growth and Elevate Education Program:
Required Prerequisite:
-Doing Business With The City of Jacksonville Online Course
Course Description: This course explores the fundamentals of the Jacksonville Small and Emerging Business (JSEB) Program as well as effective core principles in the City of Jacksonville's Procurement process.  Students will be provided applicable skills that equip them to better understand the JSEB Program and to effectively do business with the City of Jacksonville.  Some of the course topics are as follows:  JSEB Program benefits, How to Search for Bidding Opportunities, and How to Write a Bid Proposal.  
*Must complete required prerequisite course then consult with JSEB Education Coordinator to proceed to the PTAC Cohort.*

Florida PTAC Small Business Government Contracting Series Cohort:  Each specially developed Florida PTAC/SBDC workshop will consist of one, 4-hour workshop held every month for 6 months, including training events and a graduation ceremony at the UNF training location.  Subject matter experts, provided by the Florida PTAC/SBDC along with UNF PTAC Specialists, will be utilized to prepare and deliver these workshops.  Each session builds upon the previous session; attendees will be expect to attend the entire series in a cohort fashion.  In-depth business development assistance will also be offered through Florida PTAC at UNF, one-on-one confidential consulting support, tailored to each business for all participants following training. 

Track 2 Professional Development Program:
*This track offers courses from the following industries: Health & Human Services and Business Administration.*
Health and Human Services:
COVID Health Assessment

Business Administration:
Federal Tax Accounting
Auditing Procedures
QuickBooks/QuickBooks  Pro
Lean Six Sigma
Customer Service

Workforce Development:
Workforce Recovery Training Program

The JSEB Program is partnering with FSCJ and the Workforce Recovery Training Program (WRTP) to provide FREE (for those who qualify) workforce training for the construction trades. 
What in-demand training is offered by the Workforce Recovery Training Program?
The WRTP provides industry training that is geared towards entry-level employment in construction.
  • CORE: Introduction to Basic Construction Skills – nationally recognized certificate from the National Center of Construction Education and Research (NCCER).
  • OSHA 30: This US government safety certificate training satisfies OSHA requirements.
  • Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER): This US government hazard recognition certificate training satisfies 29CRI1910.120 requirements; and
  • Job Readiness Skills training
Business Development:

Estimating and Proposal Writing

The JSEB Program provides Estimating and Proposal Writing assistance via ICATT Professional Services. The consulting firm provides JSEB Program vendors training and technical assistance by conducting a combination of in-person, live virtual, and self-paced training. Vendors have the opportunity to receive one-on-one bid training with consultants to help guide them through the bidding process. This training is offered as a service to ALL certified JSEB vendors.

Beginning in January of 2018 all renewing JSEB vendors will be required to attend one of the free business skills continuing education opportunities provided by the JSEB office. This one-day or two-night course MUST BE ATTENDED BY THE QUALIFYING OWNER. If qualifying owner does not attend IT WILL NOT be counted toward your renewal requirement. Please bring photo id to sign in. In addition anyone arriving more than 30 minutes late to either the one-day or two-night  (the 1st or 2nd night) of the required course will not receive credit for attending and will have to take another course.

As of January 1, 2018 only JSEB provided business education training courses will be accepted for renewal of your JSEB certification.

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