The Housing and Neighborhood Department is the Section 3 business recruiting and certifying department for the City of Jacksonville.
As a certified contractor, you will be provided with valuable information on contracting opportunities over $100,000 available through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), Home Investment Partnership Program (HOME), and the Neighborhoods Stabilization Program (NSP). (See the Housing and Neighborhood Department's web page for more information.)
All applicants seeking Section 3 preference in the awarding of contracts or purchase agreements must complete and submit a Section 3 certification application packet. The application must include the following required documents: 
  • Section 3 Contractor Application
  • State of Florida General Contractors License (GC Only)
  • Copy of your Professional Business License
  • Current Business Tax Receipt
  • Tax Return (Previous Year or Public Assistance Program Information)
  • Articles of Incorporation or Organization/Fictitious Name/Certificate

HUD's National Section 3 Business Registry:
HUD's national Section 3 Business Registry is a new resource for qualified Section 3 businesses—those that put a priority on hiring public housing or low-income residents. The registry allows these businesses to register their company so they can be notified about new contracting opportunities. Local agencies can also search the database to find local Section 3 businesses.
Agencies with existing lists of local Section 3 businesses are encouraged to ask those firms to sign-up for HUD’s national Section 3 Business Registry so they can be notified about HUD-funded contracts and jobs throughout the entire area.  To learn more about HUD’s Section 3 Business Registry, visit:


For More Info Contact:

City of Jacksonville
Housing & Community Development
214 N. Hogan Street, 7th Floor