Jack Weatherford was likely the first Director of the Jacksonville Civil Defense.  Records suggest that he was appointed by the Mayor and became Director possibly as early as the 60’s but certainly during the early 70’s.  
In 1985, the Jacksonville Civil Defense became the Emergency Preparedness Division (Duval County Emergency Management).   The transition, including moving the planning focus from protecting citizens from military attacks to protecting the citizens from man-made and natural disasters, took place as the funding and support at the federal level moved from Military Affairs to what would become the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).  
In 1994, the Federal Reserve Building at 515 N. Julia Street was purchased to house the Jacksonville Fire Rescue Department Administration and Duval County Emergency Management.. This building would also be home to the Duval County Emergency Operations Center, Fire Communications Center and the Jacksonville Fire Prevention Bureau. The building would officially open in 1995, after a move from 107 N. Market Street, and is still home today.