Important documents and identification cards may be destroyed or damaged in a fire or hurricane and should be kept in a safe place, preferably one that is fireproof. If damaged or destroyed, however, these documents may be replaced. Because of the danger of identity theft, it is crucial to report lost or destroyed documents quickly.

The chart below contains contact information and shows where to find replacement documents.


Where to get a replacement

Driver's Licenses Department of Motor Vehicles or or
Birth Certificates State Office of Vital Statistics or, if outside Florida
Credit Cards The issuing companies, as soon as possible
Bank books, checking, savings, etc. Your bank, as soon as possible
Social Security Cards Local Social Security office
Insurance Policies Your insurance agent
Passports U.S. Department of State
Marriage, Divorce Papers State Office of Vital Statistics or, if outside Florida
Death Certificates State Office of Vital Statistics or, if in another state,
Citizenship Papers U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service
Payment Books Your bank or lending institution
Income Tax Records Internal Revenue Service
Mortgage Papers, property deeds

Your lending institution or Clerk of the Courts, or

Title to Deeds Your lending institution, Clerk of the Courts, or
Stocks and Bonds Your broker or the issuing company
Automobile Registration, Title

Department of Motor Vehicles office or

Medical Records Your doctor or dentist
Burial Contracts Local cemetery where the burial plot is located
Wills Your attorney
Papers for Animals Humane Society or your veterinarian
Medicare Card

Local Social Security Administration office
1-800-772-1213 or

Medicaid Card

Agency for Health Care Administration

Warranties Issuing company